About us

Who knew that what began as a book distribution company in 1992 would evolve into Bear Buggy as we know it today? From their beginnings in the souvenir gift industry to today, Todd and Karen always knew that they wanted to take things directly to the consumer by selling personalized gifts for kids. They brought this to reality with their own lines of customized plush animals and toddler apparel online.

With a simple message at heart, we want to give every visitor the ability to have high quality personalized gifts for kids. We are deeply passionate about providing you with the opportunity to express yourself through customization, and with our cutting edge Product Configurator your options are infinite!

Bear Buggy is dedicated to providing top quality personalized kids gifts. We have the best products, quality materials, impeccable customer service, and unlimited creativity. Our plush and tees are sourced through The RGU Group, a NC-based wholesale company which has specialized in importing high-quality plush toys since 1992. Art design, product personalization, packaging and customer service are all based in beautiful Winston-Salem, NC.
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