8" Javelina with Blue Hat and Sound


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Javelinas, also known as peccaries, have been around for about 34 million years! Like most hairy animals, javelinas are mammals. They're native to the Americas, though they originated in North America and migrated to South America about 3 million years ago. While peccaries resemble pigs, they're only distantly related. There are 3 recognized species of peccary, and "javelinas" most often refer to the collared peccary.

While most javelinas measure between 3 and 4.5 feet and weigh in at 45-90 pounds, our stuffed javelina measures 8 inches and weighs in at about 8 ounces. It wears a blue bandana as well as a blue cowboy-style hat. This plush javelina also has a sound module inside, so it makes noise!