Why Bear Buggy®?

Perhaps one of the biggest strengths of Bear Buggy® is that its gifting potential spans as wide as your imagination. Most of our products can be personalized by hand and made to order. You can create your own, you can choose from a library of pre-existing art designed in-house for specific occasions, or you can buy plush as souvenirs of your travels. You can even start — or continue!  a collection to show your state or civic pride. You can also help us give back to our growing network of non-profit organizations pushing for social progress.

If you need help coming with gifting ideas, no worries! We have some suggestions! Some of our favorite ideas are for family reunions, birthday party favors, anniversaries, Easter baskets, Valentine's Day, weddings, baby showers, honeymoons. Our plush also makes a great gift for an awesome teacher or a recovering patient, child, or loved one. In fact, our customizable plush is so versatile that it can even be gifted as a promotional product complete with your company's logo! Of course, kids love our plush, but by no means is our plush limited to their enjoyment! We take pride in providing gifts for people of all ages.