8.5" Howling Coyote with Pink Hat and Sound


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Coyotes are super cool canines! They've been around for almost a million years, and are related to wolves as well as domestic dogs. There are 19 recognized subspecies of coyote, ranging from Alaska to the American Southwest all the way through Central America to Panama. Coyotes are often considered to be the most vocal of all wild North American mammals — coyotes have been observed to use at least 11 unique vocalizations, including barks, yelps, and howls, to communicate with each other.

Our stuffed coyote is a howler! It measures 8.5 inches and weighs about 8 ounces. This plush coyote comes wearing a pink bandana and a pink cowboy-style hat! We also offer 
red and blue varieties, which all have sound modules inside and make noise like this coyote does. You can collect all three!