8" Texas Flag Longhorn with Red Hat and Sound


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The longhorn is a breed of cattle that is known for and named after its horns, which can grow to be up to about 7 feet  over 2 meters!  wide, from tip to tip. The ancestors of the longhorn were native to Europe and Asia; Christopher Columbus first brought them to North America in 1493. Over the next 200 years, large cattle populations were moved to what is now Texas. Due to their environment and breeding, longhorns developed their drought tolerance, intelligence, and diverse colorations.

Although longhorns can come in any color, this stuffed longhorn comes fantastically patterned after the Texas state flag. It measures about 8 inches and weighs in at about 8 ounces — far smaller and lighter, of course, than a real longhorn! Our plush Texas flag longhorn comes wearing a red bandana and red cowboy-style hat. This plush longhorn also has a sound module inside, so it makes noise!